Five Quick Leg Exercises for Obese Women

Five Quick Leg Exercises for Obese Women

Whether interested in increased health, fitness, or weight loss, obese women need to exercise. One of the most complained about areas of a woman’s body is her legs. This article will focus on five quick leg exercises for obese women. Some classic exercises, such as lunges and squats, can be injurious to obese women. These leg exercises for obese women do not utilize complicated machinery and can be modified to fit the obese woman’s level of current fitness.

1. Knees Up Marching

Knees Up Marching Exercises

Marching in place does double work when it comes to exercising. First of all, there are cardio-vascular benefits to the physical movement. Second, marching in place, especially when lifting your knees to level with your waist, is a great leg exercise for any obese woman.

2. Kick Backs

This exercise is great for any woman, obese or not. While standing straight up, simply kick back with alternating legs. Try to keep the leg straight as you kick, or bend it slightly. This leg exercise helps your hips and buttocks become more firm and toned. It is also a great leg exercise for obese women as it can strengthen the hip area and reduce pain and stiffness.

3. Side Leg Lifts

These classic leg exercises are perfect for obese women. They require you to lie down on the floor on your side, propped up on one elbow. Then, slowly lift the top leg up, hold it for a second, and slowly bring it back down again. Doing this leg exercise slowly increases muscle use and is less stressful on the joints. Repeat with the other side.

4. Hello Dolly

This leg exercise with the rather humorous name begins with the woman lying on her back. Like the leg lifts, this exercise should be done slowly and easily for maximum effect and minimum injury. From the prone position, the woman should raise both legs straight up. Then, carefully lower them away from each other to the sides. This leg exercise is great for the obese woman, as it has no impact. It works the inner thigh muscles.

5. Heel Raises

This last quick leg exercise for obese women helps to strengthen ankles and calf muscles. You can do it in a variety of ways. The first and easiest method is to stand on the floor with your feet shoulder-width apart. Then, simply raise up on your toes, hold that position for five seconds, and lower back down again.

You can also do this exercise by standing on the edge of thick books or large bricks or even on the edge of a step. Be careful that you do not extend your heels down too far, or you might injure your ankle tendons. Obese women should be careful when supporting their body weight at the edge of something.

This list of five quick and easy leg exercises for obese women will help them develop strength in their legs. Doing them for a short time every day, or every other day, will help to prevent injury and leg strain. They can even assist in a change of lifestyle, fitness, or achieving weight loss goals.