9 Best Hiking Locations Around the World

9 Best Hiking Locations Around the World

Have you ever wondered where some of the best hiking locations are around the world? I know I have! 

As someone who loves hiking, it’s been my mission to try out as many locations as possible in addition to learning from other travelers. 

Below, you’ll find some pretty amazing hiking locations to add to your hiking bucket list! Get ready to start planning your next trip.

Arenal National Park – San Carlos, Alajuea – Costa Rica 

Why it’s awesome: This was an absolutely amazing hike! First, there’s no way to beat the scenery. As we were hiking, we came across waterfalls and monkeys. Plus, there is some interesting vegetation, including the tree that produces the world’s scariest drug, scopolamine, which turns its victims into walking zombies. Luckily for us, it’s not dangerous in its plant state and is ironically very beautiful.

Arenal National Park

This hike was also pretty amazing since there are a variety of trails to choose from, ranging from 30 minutes to a few hours. It allows for customization based on who you’re hiking with, your fitness levels, and how long you want to be out and about. Lastly, this hike can’t be beaten due to the fact that you’re hiking around an active volcano! The volcano was rather quiet on the day we were hiking, but we heard some pretty crazy stories from our friends about past eruptions.

Havasu Falls, Arizona

Why it’s awesome: Famous for its milky water pouring over red rocks, the Havasu Falls is a fantastic 20-mile round trip hike from the Hualapai Hilltop, down a 2,000-feet cliff drop, and along the dry Hualapai and Havasu wash canyons. The trail reaches the Havasupai Reservation, where Havasu Creek provides greener vegetation and ranches. There are actually four or five different waterfalls, depending on how much water flows. The most spectacular is the actual Havasu Falls, Mooney Falls, and Beaver Falls, which are as beautiful or even more, if possible than any photo can show. One of our most memorable hikes!

Mission Trails – Mt. Fortuna Hike – San Diego, CA

Why it’s awesome: I love this hike because this was where my boyfriend took me on our 1st HikingDate. I’d never been hiking before, and it was a good, challenging loop. After crossing a small stream [where you may end up with soggy socks if you are as unskilled as I am in leapfrogging what seem like the world’s smallest and most spread apart rocks ever], there’s a good balance of both gravel and dirt inclines, flats and declines. My boyfriend likes to run the flats and declines, which normally would be tough since 1) I’m not a runner and 2) I’m afraid of heights, but the inclines are so steep that by the time you get to the flats, it makes trail running seem easy. 

Bring lots of water, sunscreen, and good hiking shoes. I tried wearing something cute and stylish on our 1st outing. Who wouldn’t? It was only our 3rd date, and I thought he was super hot and assumed it would be an easy, leisurely hike like Sunset Cliffs. Not only did all the fluff fall out of my hair, but my makeup was also melted off by the time we were done. Make no mistake, this is definitely a more sporty hike, and you want to dress like it is, too.

Lysefjord Region, Norway

Norway offers some of the most stunning hiking destinations in the world, with landscapes ranging from rugged mountains and deep fjords to lush forests and dramatic coastlines. If you had to choose the best place for hiking in Norway, it’s hard to go wrong with the Lysefjord region, particularly the iconic Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock) and Kjerag.

Pulpit Rock

Preikestolen (Pulpit Rock): This is one of Norway’s most famous hiking spots. A relatively moderate hike leads to a flat-topped cliff that towers 604 meters above Lysefjord. The panoramic views from the top are breathtaking, making it a popular destination for hikers and photographers alike.

Kjerag: Known for the famous Kjeragbolten, a boulder wedged between two cliffs, this hike is more challenging and appeals to adventurous hikers. The view from Kjerag’s summit is awe-inspiring, offering a unique perspective of the fjord below.

The Jemez Mountains, New Mexico

Why it’s awesome: Hiking through the Jemez Mountains was like entering another world. While we were driving to the trails, we passed the reddest dirt I’d ever seen. The cliffs even looked like those colored sand bottles we used to make as kids. In general, New Mexico is rather dry and not the greenest place on the planet. But in the Jemez, it’s something else. The trees are tall and lush, and there’s plant life everywhere! If you’re lucky, you’ll even come across a hot spring or two, so make sure to bring a bathing suit if you’re not a skinny-dipping kind of person.

Upper Slot Canyon – Antelope Canyon, Arizona

Upper Slot Canyon

Why it’s awesome: It is the easiest hike I’ve done. Basically, I just walk from point A to point B through narrow slots. It is a suitable hike for the elderly and children of all ages! It is mandatory that you hire a native Navajo guide in order to visit the Canyon. The upper Canyon is where you can take timeless photos of the corkscrew structure, while the lower Canyon is more adventurous, with quite a number of stairs.

Hiking across Northern Sweden (Kungsleden trail)

Why it’s awesome: Sweden is not as famous for its nature as its neighbor to the west, Norway. But Sweden had nothing to be ashamed of.

This Kungsleden trail will take you trough three different National Parks which are the first national parks that got established in Europe back in 1909, so you got some complete wilderness to explore that hasn’t changed in a century.

The most impressive thing with the hike is how easy and well marked it is, so even the biggest beginner can do it, but it also offers a lot of side trips for the more experienced hiker.

Blue Hole National Park – Belize

Why it’s awesome: This national park is so scenic, especially for people who love the tropics (like me!) Though not a super strenuous hike, the park has several short trails that can be explored and offer lots to see, from birdwatching to taking in all the lush tropical plant life. Within the park, there is also a sinkhole (the “blue hole”), which boasts bright blue waters safe for swimming. Additionally, you can explore the mouth of St. Herman’s Cave and its stalactites and stalagmites or recruit a guide to take you further into the cave. Blue Hole National Park is easily accessed by public transit (the local bus system) and costs about $8 to visit.

Doi Suthep, Pui National Park – Chiang Mai, Thailand

Why it’s awesome: I’m going to start by saying that this hike was the most difficult I’ve ever done….maybe I’m a baby, but that’s just my opinion. This hike was pretty much vertical the entire way, which made for quite the workout. However, I would do this hike again and again. Why? Because it’s a challenge, and it’s one of the most amazing hikes I’ve ever been on!

Doi Suthep, Pui National Park

Doi Suthep is known for its beautiful temple at the top of the mountain, Wat Phra That. However, most tourists never find out about Wat Pra Lat, which is hidden halfway up the mountain. While this temple is not as elaborate as Wat Phra Lat, it’s definitely a sight to be seen. This location is incredibly peaceful and beautiful. Plus, if you’re lucky, you’ll see monks climbing the never-ending stairs like it’s nothing, mind you. Once you reach the top of the mountain, you’ll be rewarded with the views of Chiang Mai, the beauty of What Phra That, and tasty beverages and snacks to purchase. Once at the top, I suggest taking it all in, people-watching, and paying for a red truck to take you back down the mountain.