An unusual path to empowerment

Tar Chiang Mai, Thailand “Now in my life it’s the women who have the power” My name is Tar, I am 27 and I was born outside of Chiang Mai city. I’ve been working in the Women's massage center in Chiang Mai massage for one year now (For more information, click here). Before, when I… Continue reading An unusual path to empowerment


#ItHappenedToMeToo: A survivor of domestic violence helping other women to raise their voices

Busayapa Bangkok, Thailand  "I grew up the opposite way of what Thai society expects a woman to be" My name is Busayapa Srisompong, but I go with the Thai nickname “Best”, in the 90s it was trendy for parents to give English nicknames to their kids, so I ended up with the nickname “Best”. I… Continue reading #ItHappenedToMeToo: A survivor of domestic violence helping other women to raise their voices


Using femininity as strength, not weakness

Thorsaeng Bangkok - Thailand My name is Thorsaeng, I am 30 years old. I come from Bangkok and have lived in the suburbs of Bangkok all my life. I work in a PR (Public Relations) agency. Both my mom and my dad are still working. We are a middle class family and I am an… Continue reading Using femininity as strength, not weakness


One woman’s way of empowering female ex-prisoners

“Ex-prisoners face a lot of discrimination and it is even harder for female ex-prisoners. They are excluded by their social and economic status and by their gender” My name is Thunyanun Yajom but my nickname is Jinny. I am 43 years old. I am from a town near Chiang Mai and now I live in Chiang… Continue reading One woman’s way of empowering female ex-prisoners


The normalization of gender discrimination

Anonymous Bangkok, Thailand “When I was a child I thought women should take care of the household (…) no one told me, I just saw it around me” I’m 32 years old. I live in Bangkok but originally I’m from the northeast region of Thailand. I’m working for an NGO that focuses on refugees at… Continue reading The normalization of gender discrimination

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Women in Thai Soap Operas: a violent objectification

The usual storyline Thai soap operas are very popular in Thailand. They are called Lakorn, and their portrayal of women has recently been questioned. In lakorn, it is far from rare to witness rape scenes. In fact, these are exceptionally common, according to the Thai Ministry of Health, 80% of Lakorn feature scenes of rape… Continue reading Women in Thai Soap Operas: a violent objectification


Moving towards gender equality through economic empowerment

Mong Chiang Mai – Thailand “This patience makes me strong” My name is Mong. I am 36 years old. I was born in Chiang Mai. My parents are from one of the districts of Mae Hong Son province, along the Thai-Burmese border. My parents moved to Chiang Mai for work, so I was born here,… Continue reading Moving towards gender equality through economic empowerment

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Thailand – Overview

The land of coups The Kingdom of Thailand (meaning Land of the Free), formerly known as Siam until 1949, is a country at the center of Southeast Asia and has a multi ethnic population of around 64 million people with over 90 percent of the population being Buddhist. Thailand is a constitutional monarchy and has switched between democracy… Continue reading Thailand – Overview

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Sport for gender equality

The power of sport in promoting peace and reaching development objectives has often been ignored and disrespected through history. Yet, it has been recognized by the United Nations as a fundamental right and as a critical tool to achieve the Global Goals. In 1978, UNESCO described sport and physical education as a “fundamental right for… Continue reading Sport for gender equality


Scoring for women’s rights

Kimleang Battambang, Cambodia “Now I walk with my head up (...) because I know who I am” My name is Kimleang Chonran. I am 19 years old and am from Battambang. Since the age of 14 I am part of the Mighty Girls female football team, one of the most renowned female football team in… Continue reading Scoring for women’s rights