Zodiac Sign Compatability For Aries And Capricorn

Zodiac Sign Compatability For Aries And Capricorn

When Aries and Capricorn find romance, things will never be boring. Find out how love between these signs can work.

While there are many other determining factors for a love relationship and its success or failure, it’s always fun to check out that special someone’s zodiac sign.

In the case of an Aries attracted to a Capricorn, this is a very difficult match. A traditional astrologer would tell the couple involved that their suns are square – which means the major stumbling block for this relationship is deciding who’s going to be boss! An in-depth chart analysis might reveal mitigating aspects, such as a Sun-Moon interchange, but let’s look at just the Sun-sign interactions.

The Essence of Aries and Capricorn

Aries, ruled by Mars, bursts onto the scene with an energy that’s both exhilarating and infectious. Their courage, enthusiasm, and willingness to take the lead in every endeavor define their fiery spirit. Aries thrives on immediate action and is always on the lookout for new challenges to conquer. This sign’s approach to life is marked by a straightforward, sometimes impulsive manner that seeks to make the most of every moment.

Capricorn, on the other hand, embodies the steadfastness of the earth element. Ruled by Saturn, Capricorns are renowned for their discipline, patience, and meticulous approach to achieving their goals. This sign does not shy away from hard work, often taking the longer, more arduous path if it leads to assured success. Capricorns value structure and stability, qualities that provide a stark contrast to Aries’ penchant for spontaneity and risk-taking.

Aries TraitsCapricorn Traits

For an Aries male attracted to a Capricorn female

An Aries male is bossy, demanding, hasty, and usually quick-tempered. He has a short fuse, but after he lets off steam, he’s also prompt to forgive and forget. He can’t understand why other people aren’t as eager to kiss and make up after the dust settles as he is – but the Capricorn woman can hold resentments for a long time. She’s slow to anger but cool and deadly when she finally loses her temper. If she’s his superior at work – well, both of them should likely make a career change anyway.

These signs have a hard time getting together in the first place. Aries and Capricorn are Cardinal signs, which means making important decisions and judgments are what their brain cells do 24 hours a day. Being an entrepreneur or having one’s own business is certainly a goal for each of them from an early age.

She can be attracted to his dashing, “˜knights of old’ mentality. After all, how many men do you meet nowadays who blithely assume they can slay a dragon, lead the charge into battle, and successfully find a new trade route – all before lunch? His high energy level is attractive, too, and he can be very sexy: an Aries male thoroughly enjoys showing off.

He probably is drawn to her quiet manner and classic beauty – think of Marlene Dietrich’s glamour. The Capricorn lady may have a seat on the stock exchange, but she speaks enough French to order her favorite perfume while on a business trip overseas. That beautiful ring on her finger is either an heirloom or something she bought herself. She’s not the type to brag or gossip.

He enjoys the chit-chat around the water cooler at the office – and can contribute some pretty ribald stories, too. He may give the impression that he wants an entire harem all to himself. But this is part of his façade because an Aries male still believes in that fairy-tale “one true love’ forever and ever – and he gets really upset when he can’t seem to find that single perfect woman. He’s also loud, electrically charged, and impossible to ignore.

She’s aloof, well-groomed, well-exercised, and well-cared-for – even if she has to do it herself. She doesn’t tolerate goofiness, bad manners, or being interrupted while she’s working by the Aries male telling her the latest Hollywood headline. She wants a man in her life as dessert – not the centerpiece. The major partner in any Capricorn woman’s life is her career. Think of a queen. Her main duty is ruling her country and then paying attention to her royal consort. An Aries male doesn’t take kindly to being just a consort. He wants to be the king.

This fictional couple might date for a while, but the chances of a lasting relationship are really around zero.

Capricorn male and Aries female

A Capricorn male could be drawn to an Aries female because of her flamboyance and total enjoyment of life. She doesn’t just get in a blue mood – she’s totally, terribly devastated by whatever disaster happened in her life – and then she recovers in two or three days. However, if it’s a love affair gone wrong, she really is inconsolable.

She’s blunt and honest, and she likes to beat him at whatever game or sport they indulge in, which secretly amuses the Capricorn man. She might be interested in him because he represents a safe harbor – even though when Ms. Aries gets mad at him, she’ll rudely tell him what a backwater, ho-hum lover he is – and then expect him to forget the insult when she calls him next. And she may indeed do most of the pursuing. She enjoys the chase as much as any male Aries does, figuring that anyone she’s interested in has to be special and unusual.

That quiet, staid man dining at an elegant restaurant, nicely dressed and wearing his old school tie, is likely a Capricorn. He travels only with reluctance on business. He doesn’t enjoy going to see what’s around the corner simply for the sake of something new. He has a few old friends and visits his family regularly. Loud colors and music give him headaches. He needs a partner who’s willing to be the perfect “corporate wife.’ He likes his life orderly and well-regulated, with a work schedule, an errands list, and probably even love-making listed in his day timer.

An Aries woman is attracted to men of power with nerves of steel. She’s more apt to try driving a race car or sky diving instead of going to the theatre or opera. If she’s bored, she’s going to tell the Capricorn so, and he’d better listen to her, or she’ll call her own cab to go home. She’s passionate about many things, whether it’s abandoned kids or cats, the latest fad, her career, or her love life. She wants to have a man in her life that is as strong-willed as her.

Building a Strong Relationship between Aries and Capricorn

The key to a strong and lasting relationship between Aries and Capricorn lies in their mutual admiration for each other’s strengths. Aries is drawn to Capricorn’s unwavering dedication and commitment to their goals, seeing in them a rock-solid partner who provides a sense of security and stability. Capricorn, in turn, is inspired by Aries’ boldness and zest for life, qualities that infuse their partnership with excitement and the promise of new adventures.

Communication plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between Aries’ desire for freedom and Capricorn’s need for order. Through open and honest dialogue, Aries and Capricorn can negotiate their differences, setting boundaries that respect their individual needs while fostering a deeper connection. Additionally, finding shared goals and interests can help solidify their bond, giving them a common purpose that unites them in their efforts.


The compatibility between Aries and Capricorn is a testament to the idea that opposites not only attract but can also create a harmonious and dynamic relationship. While their elemental nature may set them on different paths, it is their shared ambition and respect for each other’s qualities that pave the way for a partnership filled with growth, learning, and mutual support.

This couple should just enjoy each other’s unique qualities and not try to make it last. There’s no sense struggling to overcome the odds.

By embracing their differences and working together towards common goals, Aries and Capricorn can build a relationship that is both strong and enduring, proving that when fire and earth come together, they can forge something truly remarkable.