Using femininity as strength, not weakness

Thorsaeng Bangkok - Thailand My name is Thorsaeng, I am 30 years old. I come from Bangkok and have lived in the suburbs of Bangkok all my life. I work in a PR (Public Relations) agency. Both my mom and my dad are still working. We are a middle class family and I am an… Continue reading Using femininity as strength, not weakness


Choosing education over marriage

Kimleng Battambang, Cambodia.  “My Grandmother used to say that (...) if you walk loudly you are a "bad woman", you have to learn how to walk soflty" My family is not really traditional. Before, they were more traditional. They changed a lot the way they think. Before, for example my grandmother used to say that… Continue reading Choosing education over marriage


Getting off the beaten track

Sinath Battambang, Cambodia.  “I am so proud of my parents because they are farmers, but they still provided us with the best education they could afford” My name is Sinath, I am 33 years old. My parents are from Ostuk village which is a small village about 25km from Battambang town. During the Khmer Rouge,… Continue reading Getting off the beaten track