Advocating for gender recognition for the Trans community

Prem Bangkok, Thailand “I always smile, but when it comes to work, when it comes to social issues, I know how to fight. I have to fight because I want to see changes happening in my society” My name is Prem, I am 38. I was born in Bangkok and I still live here, my… Continue reading Advocating for gender recognition for the Trans community


An unusual path to empowerment

Tar Chiang Mai, Thailand “Now in my life it’s the women who have the power” My name is Tar, I am 27 and I was born outside of Chiang Mai city. I’ve been working in the Women's massage center in Chiang Mai massage for one year now (For more information, click here). Before, when I… Continue reading An unusual path to empowerment


Using femininity as strength, not weakness

Thorsaeng Bangkok - Thailand My name is Thorsaeng, I am 30 years old. I come from Bangkok and have lived in the suburbs of Bangkok all my life. I work in a PR (Public Relations) agency. Both my mom and my dad are still working. We are a middle class family and I am an… Continue reading Using femininity as strength, not weakness


The normalization of gender discrimination

Anonymous Bangkok, Thailand “When I was a child I thought women should take care of the household (…) no one told me, I just saw it around me” I’m 32 years old. I live in Bangkok but originally I’m from the northeast region of Thailand. I’m working for an NGO that focuses on refugees at… Continue reading The normalization of gender discrimination

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Sport for gender equality

The power of sport in promoting peace and reaching development objectives has often been ignored and disrespected through history. Yet, it has been recognized by the United Nations as a fundamental right and as a critical tool to achieve the Global Goals. In 1978, UNESCO described sport and physical education as a “fundamental right for… Continue reading Sport for gender equality


We won’t be silent anymore

Kosal Khoeut Battambang, Cambodia “After my dad passed away, my mother told me I don’t know how to read and write, I want my children to know better” My name is Kosal and am 27 years old. I live in Battambang in Cambodia. I run a business with my partner in Battambang. We have opened a… Continue reading We won’t be silent anymore


Kicking gender stereotypes away

Nipha Battambang, Cambodia “We are not encouraged to play any sports at all; we are told to be quiet and gentle.” My name is Nipha, I am 23 years old and I am the coach of a male football team of Cambodia. In Cambodia it is hard for young women to pursue their dreams and… Continue reading Kicking gender stereotypes away


Not shy nor quiet – fighting to challenge gender roles

Bopha Battambang, Cambodia “In Cambodia, boys are considered to be a lot smarter than girls” In Cambodia, boys are supposed to be a lot smarter than girls. One day, my mom told me that I had to clean the house. I asked her “why can’t I go to school? My brother is free, he can… Continue reading Not shy nor quiet – fighting to challenge gender roles