Empowering women: A family story

Nhek Phnom Penh, Cambodia. “My grandma wanted to show them different so she raised her daughters to be better than what people were expecting.” My name is Nhek Pichponreingseiy. I am 19 years old and I was born and raised in Phnom Penh. I am from a middle class family and  am a second year… Continue reading Empowering women: A family story


Not shy nor quiet – fighting to challenge gender roles

Bopha Battambang, Cambodia “In Cambodia, boys are considered to be a lot smarter than girls” In Cambodia, boys are supposed to be a lot smarter than girls. One day, my mom told me that I had to clean the house. I asked her “why can’t I go to school? My brother is free, he can… Continue reading Not shy nor quiet – fighting to challenge gender roles

Cambodia Profile

Cambodia – Overview

A VIOLENT HISTORY… Located in South East Asia, Cambodia is the home of 15 million inhabitants. The social fabric of Cambodia has been woven out of dark years of colonization, wars and genocide. An estimated two million children, women and men – or a quarter of the population – have been killed by execution, disease… Continue reading Cambodia – Overview


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Become an educational partner If you work for a school, an association, an NGO, or other organizations and think this project could be part of your educational/raising awareness programs about gender equality and women's empowerment – Contact Us   Become a broadcast partner If you work for a media organization, a state institution (e.g.: City… Continue reading Become a Partner