An unusual path to empowerment

Tar Chiang Mai, Thailand “Now in my life it’s the women who have the power” My name is Tar, I am 27 and I was born outside of Chiang Mai city. I’ve been working in the Women's massage center in Chiang Mai massage for one year now (For more information, click here). Before, when I… Continue reading An unusual path to empowerment

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One woman’s way of empowering female ex-prisoners

“Ex-prisoners face a lot of discrimination and it is even harder for female ex-prisoners. They are excluded by their social and economic status and by their gender” My name is Thunyanun Yajom but my nickname is Jinny. I am 43 years old. I am from a town near Chiang Mai and now I live in Chiang… Continue reading One woman’s way of empowering female ex-prisoners